Saturday, September 10, 2011

Link Building Tips For Webmaster And Search Engine Optimizer | SEO Tips And Tricks

1) Start with investigation into sites that already rank for the keywords you are interested in. Personally, I still use Yahoo Site Explorer to check out those back-links and a few other methods too. The scope of sites you are looking for here needs to be really wide. Don’t just target individual keywords, check out all areas relevant to the site you are hoping to build links for. Try to promote the website as a much valued resource and in return Google will do the same. Use GOOGLE ! Many overlook this. Simply check out all those sites that are in the top two pages and find out why.
2) Be totally honest in your approach to asking other websites for a link. If you are using automated tools to do the requests at least make sure they contain a personalised message. ( I have always found that the manual method is far more successful)

3) Be wary of submitting to directories, such “high ranked PR ” sites often dilute the relevancy of your target area.Yep, this sounds like a really obvious tip. But sometimes those directories are actually pretty well disguised.
4) Its not all about page rank of websites, remember Google can be behind with its page rank. Many skip over the PR1 or PR2 sites, mistake, checking through their back links can provide you with some really great resources.
5) Ask yourself why all the competitors in a particular industry have a link on a website. Further investigation into this is always worthwhile
6 Keep a record of the sites you have submitted to, especially those all important contact details.
7) The reach of sites you get links from often extends further than you may think. Its ALWAYS worthwhile asking a site owner if they have authority in other industries as well as the one you are targeting. Once you have built up a relationship with some contacts you will be surprised just how may topic areas overlap.
8 ) Try to have a really good mix of links, old and new is great. The old trusted website links speak volumes, but so indeed do new an upcoming sites that perhaps have a new slant on a topic.
9) Reciprocal does not rule the day. Many think having them as a majority of back links for a website is the best way forward, its not.
10) Don’t just point to your homepage. This mistake seems to happen time and time again. Be specific with the linking and point the focus to the really relevant deep pages of the website. Internal pages with back links of varied anchor text rock.

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