Monday, September 5, 2011

About backlink : What is backlink?

Backlinks are links Which pointed to your site from another website. Backlink is very important for more web traffic. The best backlink creating software we found is  This Software.

How long it will take to build quality backlinks?

Remember that growing backlinks naturally is the key.  If you build them too fast, you get penalized so a natural growth of backlinks should take about 5-6 months.  After a 5-6 month campaign a you shouldn’t have to focus that heavily on it- since they should be growing on their own. Your campaign should be a multi-

pronged approach that includes at least one PRWeb press release, directory submissions (at least 300 with PR 6 or above- grown slowly over -5-6 months), link bait tools (permanent homepage mashup (web app)/lead capture tool), posts comments on related blogs regularly and an automated ping service that will notify social engines and Google when content is updated for increased crawls.  The combination of those tools over a 5-6 month campaign should result in a healthy backlink number of at least 1000 new quality backlinks.  You want to grow backlinks conservatively but consistently to get the most out of their SEO value.
Here is a clear concep for backlink. I think it can be help for new learnar.

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